Our Services


We are experienced in all aspects of demolition and site clearance from removing existing homes and buildings to farmland and forest. We have also experience in completing demolitions in-between terrace buildings and inside existing listed buildings, removing what is needed with specialist equipment whilst protecting the surroundings. We have our own waste carrier licence and can ensure the fastest, most cost-effective service possible with recycling and waste management at the forefront of our minds.


We can construct all types of single story and double story extensions including rear, side, wrap around and dormer extensions. We are also used to building with a range of materials from brick and block to timber frames. We have lots of experience in planning permission and advising how to get the most out of your space.


We have had many opportunities to restore and renovate, from single rooms to whole listed buildings. We have the experience, staff and equipment to carry out the most difficult tasks with structural renovation including removing the ground floor with the roof still on! We pride ourselves the finishing touches during our restorations, returning buildings back to their former glory, including hand moulding stones to match existing exterior pieces and completing finishes to vaulted ceilings spanning 18m by 15m high.


We have undertaken the waterproofing of a multitude of different types of basement. This has included new builds where waterproofing is formed externally and the waterproofing system is designed and installed with sump and sump system to evacuate and ingress of water.

Timber Frame

As building regulations and methods of building change, we have moved towards more modern renewable methods of construction. Besides the benefit to the environment of using renewable materials to create the structure of the building, it also means we need to put less concrete in the ground. There is also a benefit to the time it takes to construct timber buildings.

Groundworks, Foundations, Drainage & Excavations

Groundworks and foundations are the crucial starting point when it comes to any build and are the beginning part of all projects. It sets the base line for how the build will continue. We are lucky enough to have our own house groundworks team that are with over 30 years experience. They cover all aspects of groundworks including: Excavation, drainage, foundations, garden drainage, Sewage and drain alterations.

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